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At Alicia Music, we believe in fostering a lifelong love for music in students of all ages. With over two decades of experience, we specialize in personalized piano and violin lessons tailored to individual goals and aspirations
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Empowering musical journeys

Piano lessons available from age 4 to adult. AMEB exam, piano for fun and leisure, More than 20 years teaching experience. Alicia is a professional piano teacher. She also offers home lesson upon request.

Violin and piano lessons available from age 4 to adult. AMEB, ABRSM and Trinity College London piano and violin exams for fun and leisure, Associate diploma (piano) and Licentiate diploma (violin). Chloe is an experienced piano and violin teacher. She offers home lessons in private studio upon request.


What We Provide

At Alicia Music, we are committed to providing comprehensive music education services that cater to individuals of all ages and skill levels. With a passion for fostering a deep appreciation for music, we offer a range of personalized instruction in piano and violin. Whether you’re a beginner eager to explore the world of music or an advanced student striving for excellence, our experienced instructors are here to guide you every step of the way.
Piano Lessons

Tailored lessons available for individuals of all ages, from beginners to advanced players.

Violin Lessons

Expert instruction offered for beginners through advanced students, cultivating a love for the instrument.

Who We Teach


At Alicia Music, we specialize in nurturing the musical talents of young learners, starting from the age of 4. Our engaging and tailored lessons are designed to make learning music a fun and enjoyable experience for children


At Alicia Music, we understand the unique needs and interests of teenage learners. Our comprehensive music education program is tailored to inspire and challenge teenagers as they navigate their musical journey.

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We understand that choosing the right music teacher is a significant decision. At Alicia Music, we strive to provide a nurturing and supportive environment where students of all ages and skill levels can thrive and achieve their musical goals.

What Our Clients Says:

Chooka Parker
Chooka Parker
I came to Alicia as a seasoned self taught pianist with a dream of becoming a concert pianist. I have incredible abillity on the piano but never learned all the scales, arpeggioes, some of the keys or how to sight read sheet music. She has a very keen eye & is able to correct every small mistake until I am playing with perfect technique. I like her attention to detail & insistence on excellence. The thought reading sheet music seemed nearly impossible to me, but she's made it very easy for me to learn quite quickly, and with her guidance, I endeavour to become a world class professional concert pianist, and I believe Alicia is the one who can take me there.
Hong Jing
Hong Jing
Alicia is an excellent piano teacher, very patient with the younger leaners and also inspire them to learn. She always encourages students to achieve their full potential, playing piano as well as enjoying the magic of music. We have been learning with Alicia for 6 years now, my son achieved grade 8 piano AMEB, vey happy with Alicia’s piano teaching. Highly recommended!
Jieyi Luo
Jieyi Luo
評: 品質, 專業度 I'm pleased to have my daughter's piano lessons with Alicia. Her class is so fun. Not only just play the piano but also many other activity to keep Naysa' s interest. Naysa is learning very quickly and enjoying her lessons. and always ask me "Mum, when we go to alicia's piano lesson"
emma difabio
emma difabio
Alicia is fantastic with my 5 year old. She is compassionate and engaging. Lessons are fun and Alicia works so well to keep lessons engaging and enjoyable. My daughter genuinely looks forward to piano lessons.
Nishanth Adityaa Sivakumar
Nishanth Adityaa Sivakumar
The worst teacher I ever had. I am always worried about her making me cry at the piano lessons. I have never got anything great out of it. I would never recommend this teacher for you or for your child. And, she always yells at me. She acts as if nothing ever happened during the lesson. So, again, I would never recommend this teacher for anyone.
Stephen Elsbury
Stephen Elsbury
We're pleased to have our daughter's piano lessons with Alicia. She is learning very quickly and enjoying her lessons.
My 10 year old son has been studying piano with Alicia for more than two years. We are very happy with Alicia's skill and patience. The progress has been excellent and recently he passed his AMEB level 6 exam. He won the school talent competition and successfully plays in concerts and in public. The friends that we have introduced to Alicia are also very happy. We recommend Alicia to all parents who want to see their children succeed in music.
Susan G-H
Susan G-H
After swapping from a school based piano teacher to ‘Alicia Piano’, Benjamin has improved so much in his piano playing & he loves theory now with his piano board. Alicia is an fabulous teacher. She is passionate about music & this can be seen from Benjamin’s enjoyment at his lessons. Twice yearly piano recitals involving all the students of all abilities is not only enjoyable & inclusive but a great way to improve each child’s confidence.
Kirsty Pyper
Kirsty Pyper
My two children have been learning piano with Alicia for around 9 months and have learnt so much in that time. The recital was a great way to build their confidence and show what they can do.

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