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Music, with its transcendent power to evoke emotions and connect people, serves as a universal language that traverses cultural, linguistic, […]


In times of distress or difficulty, music has a remarkable ability to soothe the soul, uplift spirits, and even promote […]


Emotional Expression: Music serves as a powerful medium for emotional expression. Engaging with music allows individuals to explore and process […]

Winter concert 2022

I want to give a big shout-out to all of you who made it here today, especially the awesome parents who took the time to support their children’s recital. Give yourself a round of applause…

Winter concert 2023

Today marks another significance milestones for a number of people. Students, I am so impressed to see each of you perform and showcase what you have learnt in class. I am happy to see the enthusiasm and bravery from each and everyone of you.!The piano recital is a platform where each of you is given chances to present your musical talents to your family and friends. You have demonstrated to me your performance skills and confidence on the stage

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